Family portrait Photograph using the 'in the box' cube concept

AJM Photography Opens at Banks Mill

Wed, 01/06/2022 - 12:06

Adam McLoughlin has recently set up his photography studio at Banks Mill.  Adam produces creative photographic portraits, focused on ‘In the box’ montages where several pictures create a collage. He mainly concentrates on family-based groups that create a memory for an occasion but would like to expand on this.

Adam started people photography in 2017, after attending various studio days run by other photographers and models.  Over the past five years he has attended several workshops looking at lighting and posing to create high quality images.

Adam comments: “Four years ago I was within a few days of being made redundant from Rolls-Royce. Fortunately, I was rescued by another project, but that experience made me consider my options, should I be in that position again. As a hobbyist photographer I have now developed my skills over the past 4-5 years to the point where I can now develop my photography into a small business.”

A studio at Banks Mill will give Adam the space that he needs to enact the ‘in the box’ photography concept which needs about 4-5 metres between camera and box to get a good perspective. Adam also hopes that being part of a creative community will help him to develop the seeds of his idea into something that is a viable business, especially in how to advertise and promote his business.

Adam explains: “Taking the photographs is the easy bit! Having set up the lights and camera, it is a pretty quick job to shoot off several images with the subject(s) in various poses inside the box. The time-consuming bit is arranging the individual images to give a pleasing look and then starting to manipulate in photo editing. Layers and masks in Adobe are your best friend at this stage to get the best look for the completed artwork.”

To find out more visit Adam’s website or follow him on Facebook.

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