Rachael Ashley in her studio at Banks Mill

Introducing Rachael Ashley Photography

Fri, 29/07/2022 - 12:54

Rachael recently moved into Banks Mill Studios to pursue her photography business.  Rachael specialises in creative, artistic portraiture which is fun and adventurous and often has fantasy tones. She has recently added specialised autism-friendly sensory photoshoots for families into her portfolio.

Rachael graduated from the University of Derby with a 2:1 in Film & Television Studies and Media Writing and she uses a lot of those skills in the composition of her photoshoots.

Rachael comments: “Combining a love for storytelling and a skill for bringing light and composition together with style, I dream of bright colours with rich tones that omit a sense of beauty and nostalgia, I’m always happy to explore outlandish ideas with clients.”

Rachael is aiming to offer a specialised family photography package for families with a child(ren) who have spectrum disorders where bright flashes, noises and restrictive posing could be overwhelming, and may cause them anxiety or stress.

Rachael explains: “The idea to offer a full sensory-based package comes from my own life experience as I come from a very neuro-diverse family, and I have first-hand experience with some of the struggles families face in this area. We often missed out on family events and even something simple like a family photo was never taken and now we have nothing to look back on.”

To support her work, Rachael is currently working alongside an expert in child psychology, Danielle Wright-Kelly, who has a background in managing children with spectrum disorders.

As well as her creative portraiture, Rachael also offers ‘documentary-style’ photography packages for intimate weddings and events, giving the event a behind-the-scenes feel.

Rachael has big hopes for her business over the next 12 months; she has had an influx of interest with the sensory-based shoots, and she is hoping to offer this as a full package soon.

Being based in a professional studio space was the next step for Rachael, and she explains what it means to her: “Being based at Banks Mill is the absolute dream come true for my business, having a wealth of support and knowledge available is so liberating. Having a professional space to work from immediately elevates your business, as a business owner who is also a mother and currently has a part-time job, the team here at Banks Mill have really encouraged and supported me with action planning to go full time as well as marketing, networking, and having flexible access to the building.”

To find out more about Rachael’s work visit her website and follow her socially on Facebook and Instagram