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Venus Behjati

An Introduction to - Venus Behjati

Tue, 19/12/2023 - 14:20

Venus is a visual artist and painter; she has been painting for almost 29 years but has recently decided to focus on making art her full-time career. Venus has experience in teaching art as well as sculpture and some digital art and described art as her Passion.  

“Art has been my passion my whole life. It’s the only thing that makes me feel better and alive. Due to my country, Iran’s situation, I wasn’t able to pursue my dreams and become a fulltime artist but now I’m an MA Fine Art student at The University of Derby and having the best period of my life”. As a visual artist, Venus explores a wide variety of materials and techniques when it comes to creating her work. “In terms of techniques, I use different mediums to create. It depends on the project and the artwork I am working on. I try to choose the best materials for the subject and ones that are close to my feelings and heart. Completing a piece is a bit tricky, to this day I have no idea when I’m going to finish an artwork. Sometimes it takes much more time than I expect and sometimes I could finish it in just couple of hours.” 

Venus originally studied Visual Arts at the Art and Culture University of Rasht in Iran. Since embarking on her MA studies Venus has already started thinking about her future career. “I have been a student for just 3 months so what I’m expecting is to gain the experience and confidence to start my business”. She now hopes that being part of the Banks Mill community will help to shape her practice. “Meeting new artists is always inspiring. It is also nice to see other artists having the same goals and trying to reach that. I am hoping the community will help me to flourish and to share experiences and grow together as part of a community”. 

As Venus embarks on her MA journey, she is looking forward to working on new ideas and concepts. “I am working on a series of paintings, sculpture and digital production about the woman of Iran. The inspiring women who are fighting for their freedom and how it affects me and my art practice, giving the understanding that I have been away for the past three years”. 

In the future, Venus’s goal is to make a living from her artwork, having more exhibitions and becoming more involved in the UK’s artistic community. We hope she enjoys becoming a part of Derby’s creative community and we look forward to seeing the work she produces during her MA at The University of Derby.  

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