KE Interiors new van showing their new logo; a snap shot of their new website of home furnishings

K|E Interiors Relaunches with New Services

Thu, 24/02/2022 - 08:40

K|E Interiors are excited to share an update on their business journey within the last few months.

K|E Interiors is run by Katherine Brookes, and she moved her business into Banks Mill last April.  Their order book has been full with client orders for bespoke curtains and blinds, along with soft furnishings and they now offer a comprehensive design and fitting service to create that stunning finishing touch to a room.

Katherine comments: “After realising the potential with our database of prestigious clients we quickly acted to add further tailored services to help grow the business.  This initially started with a furniture and home accessories offering. For this though, we needed a whole new e-commerce integrated website.”

With the development of the website underway it made Katherine think more about her branding and unfortunately, K|E just didn't give it that prestigious edge. Katherine knew she needed to keep K|E alive so she put her thinking cap on. 

Katherine explains: “Katherine Elizabeth needed a new gig and after lots of brainstorming and staring into the abyss, it hit home! I, Katherine Elizabeth, and my partner, who has been a big part of this from day one, Andrew Turnbull unbeknown had the perfect name combo and Turnbull & Brookes was born.”

Their new branding is now more classic, royal, and gives an exquisite feel, and K|E Interiors can now be found on the new site under its own section.

Katherine continues: “With the new website launched it was time to fill it with products. This was where we went the extra mile, by visiting every supplier to personally hand select every product we have listed.  As our promise, we will continue to do this moving forward, that's why we really do stand out from the crowd.”

Turnbull & Brookes have incorporated multiple large-scale selling platforms like Amazon, and for the convenience of customers they offer Apple and Google pay along with the latest finance offerings such as Klarna.

One last thing was missing and that was a full fitting service. So, the next step for the business was to purchase the equipment and tools needed, along with a van.

Katherine concludes: “We just wanted to update you on our rapid growth because the excitement is hard to hold in sometimes. Most of the time things are moving at such a rapid pace we just don't see it from an outsider looking in, but when we do, it really is something to be proud of, especially due to some recent troubling times during worldwide pandemics and cost of living increases which have a domino effect.”

“It would mean a lot if you could pop over to our website, have a browse, join our mailing list and give us a follow and like on our socials. It means a lot and we are under no illusion that YOU make us what we are.”

Visit the Turnbull & Brookes website and follow them on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter  

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