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New Member - Lucy Mills

Tue, 26/03/2024 - 14:42

New tenant Lucy Mills is off to a fantastic start here at Banks Mill. Lucy is an experienced teacher and lover of arts, crafts and heritage. Having spent 20 years teaching in schools in Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire, Lucy saw that pupil’s opportunities for creativity and to experience different art forms had become increasingly limited.   

 In recent years, the number of children unable to access mainstream schools due to SEND or mental health issues has risen dramatically.  In addition, growing numbers of parents are choosing to home educate to allow a more flexible curriculum to meet their child’s needs. 

For these reasons, Lucy created Freckle. Freckle provides high-quality, creative classes to young learners. They have a number of options and can tailor classes to your child's interests and ability. 

To find out more about Freckle and upcoming classes you can contact Lucy here; 

Telephone: 07535 718477  

Email: [email protected] 



Lucy has also recently had a piece of textile art featured in the No Jobs in the Arts, zine #8 - Social practice. No Jobs in the Arts’ latest zine, bursting with creativity, explores the ever-evolving world of social practice art. Featuring five early-career artists, Issue #8 delves into their interpretations of this dynamic art form – expect to see community, collaboration, and activism – through drawings, paintings, and mixed media. 

Lucy’s piece is from her Apathy Kills collection which takes influence from feminist protests around the globe. Using applique techniques and inspired by the suffragettes, Liberty fabric scraps spell out ‘apathy’, with an outline stitching in purple, white and green representing the suffragette's colours. Red Liberty fabrics spell ‘kills’, backed onto pillowcase to represent the homemaker.The phrase ‘Apathy Kills’ shows a shift in how the public take part in organised protests and vigils like the ones that were seen following the murder of Sarah Everard. 

If you would like a free copy of the No Jobs In The Arts zine, you can find their order form here https://www.nojobsinthearts.co.uk/8-order-form/  


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