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Scott Trelfa – Stage Left Lux – One Year On

Tue, 26/03/2024 - 14:49

Scott Trelfa is the owner and maker behind Stage Left Lux, a Handmade bespoke feature lighting business made from upcycled & repurposed materials, as well as vintage lighting repairs & restoration. 

Since moving into his studio at Banks Mill a year ago, Scott has gone from strength to strength, we asked Scott a few questions about his business and how his first year at Banks Mill has helped him to grow.  

How have you developed in the last 12 months since moving into Banks Mill? 

My business is split into 3 complimentary areas: 

Speculative design and building of feature lighting which is available to buy from my website and at markets and fairs that I attend. Bespoke made-to-order lighting. Working with customers to design and build lighting to meet their own unique style. Repairs, restoration & rewires of vintage and antique lighting.  

I still attend lots of markets to sell my lamps, but I use markets as a networking opportunity to promote the business, build relationships with fellow creatives and tell future potential customers about my bespoke lighting design and repair services.  

Recently I have had customers contacting me from Sussex and Penzance who have sent me vintage lights in the post for me to repair and send back to them. 

Have you been able to expand your business or services that you provide over the last year? 

I have seen a shift in demand for lighting repairs and for upcycling, I feel that people are more conscious of the environment now and eager to reuse, repair and repurpose old objects, I think has also been fuelled by the ‘’cost of living’’ crisis – I think people are now moving more towards a repair mindset than replacing with new. I also get lots of customers bringing me old items that they would like to be repurposed into unique lamps. I have also developed relationships with several antiques shops to offer repair services. 

Have you engaged in any support/groups/networks in the last 12 months? 

I regularly attend various networking events such as People Planet Pints, Connecting Creatives Derby, as well as events organised by Derby Uncovered. 

Have you invested in any new equipment or employed any staff over the last 12 months? 

Due to my expending collection of ‘’raw materials’’ I have had to invest in lots of new shelving units, cupboards & storage boxes! 

What have you been working on recently? 

I collaborated with Affiliate member Stevie Davies to create some themed light boxes using her glass – we made a range of box lights with rainbow glass for LGBT+ Pride and a range of Christmas box lights featuring wintery frosty glass. I recently received a Donation of ‘’firewood’’ from Clair of CrzyBest, another Affiliate member, which has been saved from the fire and turned into beautiful lighting features.  

Other unusual objects that I have redesigned into lamps for my customers include: 

 An old singer sewing machine  

An antique vase 

A log into a floor standing light 

A large beer bottle 

Old telephones 

A Cornet 

And a fertility statue! 

I’ve also repaired and rewired several chandeliers, wall lights and standing lamps too. 

How has being based at Banks Mill helped your business? 

It has been amazing to have a dedicated space to work from, even being able to change studios as my business grew and my needs changed was so helpful.  All the while being surrounded by like-minded creatives, who are often my go-to's when it comes to seeking advice and opinions!  

The community spirit and supportive network at Banks Mill is amazing. 

What are your plans for your business for the next 12 months? 

Find more markets and events to attend especially interior design focused events, more shops to stock my lamps, and expand my restoration and repair services further.  As well as looking for opportunities to collaborate with other local creative businesses. 



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