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Trudie Wilson

Spotlight On - New Affiliate Member Trudie Wilson

Thu, 21/09/2023 - 13:48

I am an artist who mostly works with metal, although I do like to explore and mix different materials. My practice is sculptural, most often exploring botanical forms. I promote my business by exhibiting, attending art fairs, holding my own Art Parties and having an online shop via Etsy and my website. My Workshop is based on a farm near Brailsford in Derbyshire. 

My creative journey began at university in 2010. I enrolled on the BA Fine Arts course at The University of Derby. I was accepted on a conditional offer, as my portfolio and knowledge of Contemporary Art (in my opinion) was shockingly bad. However, my photography and eagerness were apparently much better. I was sent away with homework before the course began, then finally got my full acceptance.  

Cutting a long srory short, I thought I was going to go learn how to paint and become one of the greats! I really disliked sculpture, because I simply had no awareness of this art form. During the Drawing module, I thought I'd be a smarty pants and draw with wire, taking the line off the page. Well, that was it, I was then placed in the sheds to do sculpture, I was so not happy! As it turned out, it was the best decision that was ever made for me. I still can't paint!!! 

During my time at University I was drawn to ceramics, and I spent most of my time sculpting heads. It became part of my practice. Metal had always been a constant source of fascination, and I found myself using this material more within my practice. When I graduatedIi found that my interest in ceramics no longer inspired me, and the itch to work with metal grew. In 2017 I enrolled myself on an induction to MIG welding course, and 6 weeks later, I had my own welder and helmet. Quite quickly after that my business became established, I had found my niche, and loved it! After that I found that YouTube became a big inspiration, and teacher for me. There are so many talented people out there who are willing to share knowledge. I have very much developed my own style over the years, but every day is a learning day, and I love that the most. 

Banks Mill has always been a place that I have visited for many years, either visiting friends who have studios there, attending workshops, popping along to open studios or exhibitions. Its a wonderful place to network, and to be able to be part of that, and to utilise some of the beautiful space to promote myself and my artwork is a fantastic opportunity. 

My work focus is all about creating art that delivers a sense of fragility and softness from a material that starts off so hard, cold and manufactured. I work hard to create curves and constant flow, taking away from the rigid lines that once were. To create such a look of fragility requires a lot of beating, cutting, bending and texturing. I use power tools all day every day. My welder and angle grinder and my best friends at work. My Art can take anything from an hour to months to complete, it all depends on what I’m working on and the complexities of the piece.  

I currently have quite a few private commissions going on, one is a large-scale garden piece. I am very humbled to have built a wonderful client base and collectors of my work. I am also working on stock building for Christmas gift ware. 

The next 12 months I plan to attend as many art fairs as possible to expand my business and expand my collection of work.  




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