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Spotlight On - Rosie Yates

Tue, 28/05/2024 - 12:33

This month we welcome one of our newest tenants, illustrator Rosie Yates to the building and get to know more about her practice and how she looks forward to settling into her new studio at Banks Mill. Rosie is a freelance illustrator and works predominantly using digital illustration techniques. Her illustration style varies but she enjoys using uplifting colours in her work and adding subtle hidden details that you might have to look a little harder to find! Projects that Rosie has worked on include illustrated maps, drawings for printed media and magazines and creating animated gifs. 


Can you tell us the story behind why you started your business, your journey to where you are today and what inspired or helped you? 

I am at the very beginning of navigating my creative business, having worked freelance alongside other jobs for years this is the first time I have been able to properly pursue my creative career! I have decided to take the leap and push my creative passion for illustration, to give it the best chance to work out as a stable creative career.  

I am looking to be able to use the studio space as a professional work environment, to dedicate time to making, networking and creating my business- all whilst in a creative community! Having lived and worked in the southwest for the last few years after completing my master's, I have now relocated back to Derbyshire where I grew up to pursue my creative career.  


What University did you graduate from?  What course did you study? 

I did my undergraduate degree in Fine Art at Lancaster University, and then my masters degree in Visual Communication at Bath Spa University. 

How will being based at Banks Mill help your business? 

The main reason that attracted me to Banks Mill studios is your emphasis on helping artists to develop their creative practice in to a successful business. I am eager to make use of your mentorship facilities and creative enterprise resources. The opportunity to be part of a creative community, and have access to mentors within the creative field I feel is essential for me to be able to develop my practice in to a successful business! It is also great to have a professional workspace to be able to meet with clients and network with other creatives. 


What other work experience/support/training have you gained relevant to what you’re doing now? 

Having done my masters at Bath Spa University I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to  also teach on their undergraduate Graphic Communications course for a few semesters . I took first year students out to different locations around Bath and developed a sketchbook based drawing module- looking at different ways of drawing on location.  I also ran ‘walk and draw’ sessions in the centre of Bath, for members of the public to join and draw as we walked around the city. This has all helped to build my confidence in teaching my skills to others, which I hope I can continue to do so.  Alongside this I have also been able to take on several freelance illustration work projects- creating work that has helped me to develop my portfolio and to find new clients.   


What are you working on in the studio now? 

Currently in the studio I am still settling in and trying to fill the space with as much stuff as I can…  

Project wise I am working with a South West based restaurant chain on a rebrand for their restaurants. Creating illustrations for their marketing material and making work that will go up in their restaurants!  

I have also just taken on a project creating a site map for a camping site at Glastonbury… anybody lucky enough to stay in their tents you can find my drawings on a map to help you navigate the site! Maps are my favourite thing to work on so this has been great to get stuck in to so far.  

As well as my individual practice I also collaborate with a film photographer, we make work together for an outdoor inspired zine project called Roam to Roam. We visit different locations and create alternative guides/ artworks for each location- last month we visited Calke Abbey and are just about to start putting work together for this location. Combining our photography and drawing styles. 


Tell us a bit about your work/techniques/how long a piece takes to complete?

I work predominantly using digital techniques, most often using a drawing software called Procreate on my iPad. This is a fantastic piece of software and enables me to create hand drawn illustrations, that are totally editable/ can all be sent as digital files- I also use this programme to create animations and gifs. 

I also enjoy using my sketchbook too, to plan ideas and experiment with different drawing techniques. 

Each piece of work really varies and is usually deadline dependent, but a recent illustrated map made for Bath Spa University took me about four days in total to complete (once the hours are all added up!). There is always extra time to add with edits…. 


What are your plans for your business for the next 12 months? 

Over the next 12 months I would like to establish myself as a successful illustrator, and work on finding regular work and clients. I’d love to develop my portfolio with some more new and exciting work too. One of the reasons why I am so excited to have the studio space and mentorship is to help me to define my practice in to a more streamlined/ successful service. I am eager to gain insight and guidance that would help me with questions surrounding tax, fees, contracts and legal advice. I am keen to network here in Derby and build relationships with new creatives, to hopefully be part of great creative community! 

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