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SZE Studio - New Affiliate

Wed, 24/04/2024 - 09:19

A current University of Derby student studying MSc in occupational therapy, Sze man Fung or Cecilia, aims to utilise art & crafts to provide support for people with strengthening their mental health and wellness in later life. 

Sze told us “According to the Mental Health Foundation, people in later life may experience mental health problems, due to higher rates of illness or loneliness. According to Harvard health, expressing through art can help people with depression or anxiety. This can bring communities together & improve health and well-being. This can be achieved through gathering, learning, contributing & teaching others.  

Sze has currently been working on creating sets of functional hexagonal tiles and coasters as well as jewellery, something that shes plans to continue making via free workshops and sessions.  

Whilst studying for her MSc in Occupational Therapy, she has also completed the universities ‘Be The Boss’ programme, helping her to outline and layout her plans for her future business before graduating.  

We look forward to seeing how her ideas and practice develops and wish her well with the remainder of her studies. 


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