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Kerri Pratt

Kerri Pratt is a visual artist based in the East Midlands and her practice focuses on an exploration of painting processes, manipulation of paint, surfaces, marks and colour.

"As part of the Jonathan Vickers Fine Art Award I was provided with a studio space at Banks Mill for the duration of the residency and exhibiton period. As I studied at the University of Derby and had rented a space there for a few months after graduating, Banks Mill felt a bit like coming home. It has been really nice to see familiar faces again and also meet new artists and form new connections.

Working as an artist can sometimes be a lonely or rather isolating experience, so I have felt some comfort in the knowledge that the building is very safe and secure. Not only that, but you see people coming and going and hear activity within the building and this adds to that feeling that although you may be on your own in your studio, you aren't actually cut-off or alone."

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